Book trailers for "Vaempires", an urban fantasy/dystopian series by Thomas Winship.

"I highly recommend Silvia for an entire host of author services. In particular, Silvia is an extraordinary video editor. Finding a talented and trustworthy video editor is one of the biggest challenges facing an author. But, with a little patience, a touch of perseverance, and—let’s face it—a whole lotta luck, the right person comes along and magic happens. Well, we all know that the best magic doesn’t just happen . . . it’s performed. And that’s just what Silvia does: she takes an author’s ideas, concepts, dreams, etc., and translates them into stunning visual magic.
That’s why Silvia is the official video editor of Vaempires. Sure, you can choose someone else to do it, but don’t blame me if all you end up with is cheap parlor tricks."
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